Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Civil Engineering

Two-cycle full-time studies

1st cycle 3.5 years, 2nd cycle 1.5 year.

Information: tel. +48 71 320 15 54

Two-cycle part-time studies

1st cycle 4 years, 2nd cycle 2 years.

Information: tel. +48 71 320 55 10

Specialties at full and part-time studies of the 2nd cycle:

road building, agricultural building, water building, building constructions


A graduate of the first cycle has the knowledge on the construction of housing, communal, rural, water and transportation buildings; technology and organisation of works; team and firm management; production, selection and the use of building materials and computer technologies. The graduates are prepared to manage realisation of all types of building constructions; cooperate in the design phase of public utility and transport buildings; organise the production of construction elements; supervision of the construction process; to constantly improve his/her professional skills. He/she is prepared to work in production firms; construction supervision units; concrete and construction elements production facilities; building materials industry and in national and local government units related to construction activities and architecture.

A graduate of the second cycle has advanced knowledge in the field of design and realisation of complex housing estates, communal, agricultural and transportation buildings; technology and organisation of construction works; computer technologies and modern technologies in engineering practice; selection and use of building materials as well as managing teams and construction firms. He/she knows how to solve complex project, organisational and technological problems; prepare and conduct research projects; undertake international cooperation activities; participate in marketing and promotion of building materials; participate in research directly related to construction and building processes; improve his /her skills and manage large teams. Our graduates are prepared to work in construction/project offices; research and development institutes as well as in the institutions involved in extension services in the field of building engineering. Education gained during the studies helps the graduates obtain authorisations in the specialties defined in the building legal regulations.