Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Environmental Engineering

Two-cycle full-time studies:

1st cycle 3.5 years, 2nd cycle 1.5 year.

Information: tel. +48 71 320 15 71

Specialties at full-time studies of the 1st cycle:

sanitary, water and water reclamation engineering.

Specialties at full-time studies of the 2nd cycle:

waste management, water management and hydrology, engineering of safety systems of water management, environmental management and protection engineering, water engineering, sanitary technology.

Two-cycle part-time studies:

1st cycle 4 years, 2nd cycle 2 years.

Information: tel. +48 71 320 55 10

Specialties at part-time studies of the 2nd cycle:

sanitary, water and water reclamation engineering


A graduate of the first cycle has knowledge on the engineering of internal and external environment as well as problem-solving skills necessary in the design, investment and exploitation of tools, installations and facilities used for the management and protection of environment. The studies prepare the graduates to plan, design, construct and exploit building and facilities for rational water management, increasing the productivity of agricultural areas, protection of natural, agricultural and forest habitats from threats related to human economic activity. Moreover, he/she is prepared to design, construct and exploit technical facilities and objects including exploitation studies, diagnostic measurements as well as control of the used techniques and equipment.

A graduate of the second cycle has advanced knowledge natural and technical sciences as well as specialist knowledge in the selected field of environmental engineering. Moreover, he/she can solve the problems related to engineering of internal and external environment, conduct and coordinate research studies, communicate with specialists and non-specialists in the field of environmental engineering, organise team work. The graduates are prepared to work in research institutes, firms dealing with water supply, waste removal and purification, water and reclamation engineering, waste management and recultivation of degraded areas. The graduates know how to take advantage of lifelong learning and how to develop professionally. Education gained during the studies helps the graduates obtain authorisations in the specialties defined in the building legal regulations.