Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Geodesy, Surveying and Cartography

Two-cycle full-time studies:

1st cycle 3.5 years, 2nd cycle 1.5 year.

Information: tel. +48 71 320 15 54

Two-cycle part-time studies:

1st cycle 4 years, 2nd cycle 2 years.

Information: tel. +48 71 320 55 10

Specialties at full and part-time studies of the 2nd cycle:

economic geodesy, geoinformatics, real estate management


A graduate of the first cycle has the knowledge on the contemporary methods of studying and modelling the shape and physical properties of the Earth, observation of their changes in time and numerical analysis and presentation of geodetic, teledetection and photogrammetric measurements. He/she knows how to perform the stock-taking of land property, obtain data for spatial management systems, land management, design of rural areas development, preparing economic, main, topographic and thematic maps as well as geodetic realisation and service of investment activities. He/she knows how to use the knowledge gained in the course of study in professional life, how to manage human resources working on commissioned tasks, how to set up and manage small firms with respect to legal regulations referring to the performed economic activity. Our graduates are prepared to perform engineering activity in the field of geodesy, cartography, area information systems as well as to use the modern methods of geodetic, satellite, photogrammetric and teledetection measurements, to process and use the results.

A graduate of the second cycle has the ability to use advanced knowledge in the field of technology, geodesy and cartography and is prepared to manage teams, make independent decisions and to deal with the basic legal and administrative problems of economic units. Moreover, he/she is prepared to work in geodetic, cartographic and similar companies, in national and local administration as well as in education institutions. Education gained in the course of studies make it possible for the graduates to apply for professional certificates in the field of geodetic situation-altitude measurements, real estate division, preparation of documentation for legal purposes, basic geodetic measurements, geodetic service of investments, geodetic management of rural and forest areas, mapping, photogrammetry and teledetection.