Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Safety Engineering

One-cycle full-time studies

1st cycle 3.5 years.

Information: tel. +48 71 320 15 71

One-cycle part-time studies:

1st cycle 4 years.

Information: tel. +48 71 320 55 10


A graduate of the first cycle of studies has interdisciplinary general knowledge of technical sciences and specialist knowledge on Safety Engineering, including the safety of machines, constructions, equipment and technical installations, food and safety at work as well. Moreover, he/she has an ability to communicate within his/her work environment, actively participate in group work, manage work teams as well as solve legal and economic problems. A graduate is prepared to organise work, including organising and conducting rescue and preventive actions; actions preventing accidents, equipment malfunctions and occupational diseases; he/she is able to design and monitor the state and safety conditions. He/she is also prepared to organise and run rescue actions, perform safety and risk analysis, control work conditions and safety standards, analyse the occurrence of malfunctions and accidents, conduct trainings, manage safety and keep documents related to safety. Graduates may find employment related to the functioning of the system of safety and protection of population, where the main objective is to save and protect life, health and property from various dangers. The professional preparation helps find employment in public administration as well as in economic units dealing with monitoring, analysis and assessment of the risk related to extreme atmospheric phenomena, disasters related to technical constructions, ensuring safe conditions of work and food production as well as minimisation of the losses resulting from natural disasters and technical and destructive actions of man.