Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Electronic Student Card



Important - Erasmus students do not have to applay for ESC. This procedure is for other students.

1. In order to get the Electronic Student Card (ESC) you need to fill in the application which can be downloaded from:

You have to provide all the necessary details: name, surname, faculty (the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Geodesy - Wydział Inżynierii Kształtowania Środowiska i Geodezji), address in Poland, passport number, date of birth.

When you fill in the application correctly you must send it (as pdf., or doc.) TOGETHER WITH YOUR DIGITAL PHOTO (photo requirements there are below) to

The sending files must be signed as follow (put your attention which names should be in CAPITAL letters):

  • application for ESC: FAMILY NAME first name ESC application
  • ESC form: FAMILY NAME first name ESC form
  • your digital photo: FAMILY NAME first name photo


Your digital photo has to meet the following requirements:

  • must present only you (there cannot be any other people or objects in the photo);
  • must be coloured;
  • it must be easy to distinguish the color of your clothes from the background;
  • a photo must present your left half-profile and you left ear must be visible (no earrings), light should be spread evenly;
  • no camera flashlight is acceptable;
  • no hats, no sunglasses are accepted (headgear - only if you cover your head for a religious reason, dark glasses - only if you wear them because of vision defect);
  • a photo, which presents a person wearing dark glasses, will be accepted only if an appropriate document is delivered to prove the person's disability because of congenital or acquired vision defect;
  • a photo, which presents a person wearing a headgear is accepted only if confirmation of membership in religious community is delivered;
  • electronic format of the photo should be 300x375 pixels;
  • the required format of the digital photo is JPG;
  • resolution of the photo must be at least 300 dpi;
  • maximum size of the file containing the photo is 100 KB.


2. After your arrival in Poland you have to pay 17 PLN. The coordinator will provide the account number.

3. ESC can be collected at the Dean's Office after presenting the payment confirmation.


In case of any difficulties please write to the coordinator