Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Landscape architecture – 2nd cycle Polish-Chinese studies in English

Chinese and Polish tradition in shaping of the landscape is a specialty at the Master Program at Landscape Architecture, which is held at WUELS and it is offered to Bachelor Program at landscape architecture graduates.

Studies last 4 semesters. First semester is provided in Poland for all the students. Second semester is a practical one, which means students have practice which takes place in Poland (for Chinese students) and in China (for Polish students). Last (third) semester is conducted at Hunan Agricultural University of Changsha in China or at WUELS in Wroclaw. It is students’ choice where they want to study. It’s a joint degree program so after graduating you are granted double diploma, Chinese and Polish.

10-12 students both Chinese and Polish will be accepted for this specialty (according to agreement signed between WUELS and Hunan Agricultural University of Changsha (China)). As the agreement states students of participating universities which are parts of the agreement will be accepted in the first place. Candidates will be accepted according to ranking list created of candidates Bachelor Diploma at Landscape Architecture marks. Vice-dean of landscape Architecture may make a decision of additional admission procedure such as e.g. interview in case of bigger number of candidates than places offered. Because of the fact that classes are lectured in English all the candidates need to have certificates proving their knowledge of English at B2 level.

Studies are free of charge. Polish students pay on their own for:

  • travel expanses
  • visas
  • health examination
  • stay (administration fee, accommodation, energy, food)

Studying Chinese and Polish tradition in shaping of the landscape is a unique possibility to gain international experience, learn new culture and tradition. While studying students spend the whole academic year (which is 2 semesters) in China or Poland.

You can get additional information from dr Marta Weber-Siwirska e-mail: