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Professor Marek Lorenc and Europamines

Ref 06.AGM.17
17th October 2006

To Whom It May Concern

Professor Marek Lorenc and Europamines

Set out below is a summary of the involvement of Professor Marek Lorenc in Europamines to date.

Europamines is European network representing those organisations working towards sustainable development of the mining heritage sector in Europe. It began as a project led by the Geological Survey of Ireland, represented by Dr John Morris, with support from the Culture 2000 Programme of the European Union in August 2004. Co-organisers were: the Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland; The Colectivo Proyecto Arrayanes (Spain); the Comunita Montana Valli Chisone e Germanasca (Italy); the North of England Lead Mining Museum (UK); Fundao Municipality (Portugal). Associate partners were: Zloty Stok Mine (Poland); L'Argentiere-La Bessee (France); Cornwall County Council (UK). It now has the status of a not-for profit organisation with the legal basis of a company limited by guarantee registered in the United Kingdom but operating Europe-wide.

During the first phase of the project, Professor Lorenc was the link between the managers of the project and the Zloty Stok Mine, represented by Elzbieta Szumska, and represented the Wydziai Inzynierii Ksztahowania Srodowiska i Goedezji of the Akademia Rolnicza we Wroclawiu, which was considering membership of the network during the course of the project.

Professor Lorenc participated in the Europamines meetings and seminar in the Valli Chisone e Germanasca (Italy) from 12-14 March 2005, where he contributed to the discussions on the development of the network and provided Polish/English interpretation for the meetings and seminar.

Professor Lorenc was joint organiser with Elzbieta Szumska of the Europamines site visit and seminar in Zloty Stok from 14-25 May 2005 and he again contributed to the official meeting of the network.

The Wydzial Inzynierii Ksztaltowania Srodowiska i Goedezji of the Akademia Rolnicza we Wroclawiu became a member of the Europamines network at its first Annual General

Meeting in Killhope (UK) on 29-30 October 2005. Professor Lorenc represented the Wydzial Inzynierii Ksztaltowania Srodowiska i Goedezji at this AGM.

He organised a Europamines study visit by representatives of the Poldark Mine in Cornwall (UK) to Ztoty Stok on 3-5 December 2005.

Professor Lorenc represented the Wydzial Inzynierii Ksztaltowania Srodowiska i Goedezji at the Europamines meeting in Llangollen (UK) on 9-12 June 2006, where he also participated in the annual conference of the National Association of Mining Heritage Organisations of the United Kingdom. The theme of this conference was "Mining in the Landscape" and Professor Lorenc made an oral presentation on this topic.

From 3-10 August 2006, Professor Lorenc carried out a Europamines study visit to Cornwall (UK) involving several Europamines member organisations based there, including Cornwall County Council, the University of Exeter, the Poldark Mine and the King Edward Mine.

Professor Lorenc organised a study visit to the Wydzial Inzynierii Ksztaltowania Srodowiska i Goedezji and several mining heritage sites in Poland by the representative of Europamines member the University of Exeter, Dr Sharron Schwartz, from 5-10 September 2006.

The second Annual General Meeting of Europamines was hosted by the Wydzial Inzynierii Ksztaltowania Srodowiska i Goedezji at the Centrum Ksztalcenia Ustawicznego in Wroclaw (Pawlowice Palace) from 10-14 September 2006. Professor Lorenc was the local organiser of this event, as well as study visits for the Europamines members to Zloty Stok and the Wlodarz Kompleks.

Professor Lorenc has contributed significantly to the development of Europamines as it grew from a pilot project to a full-scale European network though his involvement in the meetings, seminars and studies listed above and through correspondence with other members during since August 2004. He has also carried out a great deal of work to promote the network, having contributed to the Europamines Website and translated its text into Polish.

Yours faithfully
Alan Kilday
Europamines Network Manager