Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Land Management

One-cycle full-time studies:

1st cycle 3.5 years.

Information: tel. +48 71 320 15 54

One-cycle part-time studies:

1st cycle 4 years.

Information: tel. +48 71 320 55 10


A graduate of the first cycle has interdisciplinary knowledge on spatial management of socio-economic development. He/she is prepared to manage the environment of men according to their needs, civilisation requirements, technical possibilities as well as the rules of spatial order and sustainable development; cooperate in preparing planning documentation; prepare spatial analyses for economic and social purposes; take local initiatives on planning and development based on the available resources; participate in preparing local development strategies; plan the development of technical infrastructure; plan the development of services; participate in actions aimed at the protection of environment; cooperate in preparing documentation assessing the resources and condition of natural environment; prepare in cooperation with specialists in other fields studies on environmental protection and planning in protected areas; participate in the process of management of towns, communes, poviats and voivodships; undertake regional cooperation and cooperation with European regions as well as participate in preparation of regional development plans; participate in preparation of development plans for Euroregions; provide advisory services on land and real estate management; provide help in deciding on location of investments and cooperate in preparing revitalisation programmes. The graduates are prepared to work in teams preparing planning studies and documents on local, regional and national levels; units of local and government administration; development agencies; real estate agencies; consulting and advisory agencies as well as in other business firms.