Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Experiment and Education Station in Mściwojów

Mściwojów 54
59-407 Mściwojów

dr inż. Olgierd Kempa +48 71 320 1850

Vice-Head for Research: dr inż. Jolanta Dąbrowska +48 71 320 5544

Vice-Head for the Gardens of Nations in Targoszyn:dr inż. Marta Weber-Siwirska +48 71 320 1886

The Rector's decision to create the station was taken on 23rd April 2007. It is situated in Mściwojów commune where a reservoir was built based on a project of the faculty staff. It is a place where research studies are conducted, diploma and doctoral theses are prepared. The faculty supported the construction of the main station building called "Wodomistrzówka". The future Gardens of Nations will be created in Targoszyn within the premises of the station. Traditionally, since the year 2004, the Faculty Council has had their sessions there during which the results of studies conducted in the reservoir and its vicinity are presented.